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If you discovered your only chance at true happiness was to throw away your predictable life and start from zero ... would you do it?

Overachieving Underdogs is a fast-paced, whip-smart serial comedy that delves into the ever exhausting pursuit of happiness, the high expectations of the Millennial generation, and the complexities of female friendship. Our A-Type underdogs navigate it all, not always with success or grace, but with an element of schadenfreude-fueled delight that will have audiences coming back for more.

Meet Tess and Polly, urbanette best friends whose seemingly perfect lives keep them too busy to realize they aren't truly happy. That is until a drug-induced confession-session on their joint 29th birthday propels them into a series of irreversible events that force them to chase the dreams they never knew they wanted.

Armed with fierce ambition, a pact to "get 'er done" (and absolutely no experience) these girls give themselves one year to wrestle their dreams into reality. Will their persistence pay off? Or are these go-getters overhauling their lives a little too late?


Meet Polly

The last moral girl left in the urban jungle... with a secret longing to break all her own rules.

Polly has spent her 20's checking things off her 'Life To-Do' list. Marriage-material man? IKEA showroom-esque condo? Stable insurance company job? Third World foster child? Check, check, check, check. Now, that she's a year away from turning the Big 3-0, Polly slams into a quarter life crisis that makes her question everything... She can't marry her high school sweetheart! She'll never have another first kiss! She'll never do that thing in bed she's always wanted to try! Oh, and there's also the tiny problem that she's not actually in love with her fianceé...

After being "off the market" since she was sixteen, can this people-pleaser trade in her pragmatism for romantic adventure so she can find, you know... earth-shattering love?

Meet Tess

The 'Make Kale Not War', dance-until-dawn enigma ... who secretly desires a 9-to-5 with a pension plan.

Tess spent her 20's managing the trendiest vegan restaurant in town while waiting for her life's passion to reveal itself. Now on the verge of 30, her impressive Tinder game and ability to rock a crop top aren't exactly the employable skills necessary to land a grown-up job with a fulfilling future. Impulsive, confident, a downright shit disturber, Tess hides her insecurities behind hot clothes, hotter men, and the hottest vegan farts you'll ever smell.

Can this hipster hero fake her way into a real career with no professional resume?

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